Taos Style Tortillas

When I was a kid growing up we were left to our own devices quite often. Imagine lots of hungry kids trying to figure out what to have for lunch.

My friend Teresa Malo introduced me to “Taos style” tortillas. We started with corn tortillas toasting them on the burner of an electric stove… lots of smoke and singed fingers. Store-bought corn tortillas are cheap and not very appetizing on their own, but the blackened corn flavor combined with a little butter and honey what is like manna from heaven to hungry 12-year-old kids.

Since then, that is how I warm all my tortillas. The difference is now I have an exhaust fan going and use tongs to avoid burning myself.

Just turn on the burner (you can also do it over a gas flame) and use heat proof tongs to rotate the tortilla until it becomes warm and black to your liking. You can then use it for tacos, burritos, or just eat it with a little butter and honey Yum !

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