sourdough bread


I’ve been learning how to work with Sourdough now for about 8 years. The reason I said to work “with” Sourdough is because… it has a mind of its own. Well, not really, but there are many factors that influence the process every time you make it. You learn to be flexible and go with what you’re served up each time you make it.

Over the years, I have tried about 20-30 different recipes. I’ve also altered those recipes searching for all the different qualities Sourdough has to offer. Lately, I’ve been mixing up Fresh Ground* with Bread Flour to achieve a wonderful balance (in my opinion). Anyway, if you want to make Sourdough, I’d recommend you try “Bake with Jack“. He really offers excellent information and has a very easy-to-follow process with great results. One thing I’d like to mention up front is… he uses a “Rye” starter and I tried that too, but I prefer my “Bread Flour” starter. One more thing on starters… don’t be fooled by someone’s comment that boasts their starter is 100 years old… or came from x place. Starter is just wild yeast and wild yeast is local to your area. These yeasts are hungry and want to be fed. They have a life cycle and are essentially “new” every time you feed your starter. There is very little “flavor” or “Sour” coming from your starter. It is how you develop your dough and cook the bread that determines the real flavor and texture.

This recipe is essentially what Jack does and teaches:


200g starter

620g water

700g strong flour

200 hard red wheat

16g salt


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After over night in the fridge.  Ready to bake at 500° 20 mins. then 475° 15-20 mins.

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