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Save Time, Money Using a Freezer(s)

You can’t begin to imagine how much time and money we save using our 3 freezers. For years I’d been baking bread a couple loaves at a time and freezing one in our refrigerator/freezer. Works great and does not affect the flavor or texture at all! Then we started making beans, soups and sauces and storing half in the freezer in plastic containers. Then the pandemic hit and we tried to buy a second freezer to store even more food (roasted Hatch green chile, tater tots, onion rings, instant yeast, butter, plant-based meats, homemade cookies, deserts, sauces etc.). It took us over 6 month to find anything for sale. One day we got lucky and found a one only 20 cu in freezer (we call “Monolith”) and we were off to the races filling it.