Fried Rice

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If you go to a Chinese restaurant you will find fried rice usually offered as a side dish. We like to use it as a main course. All you have to do is increase the amount of vegetables and eggs to make it a meal.

We always cook at least 2 cups of rice with 3 cups of water in a rice cooker. This not only provides leftover rice for the next day, we found that the texture of the rice is improved by cooking this larger amount.

We don’t eat meat so the vegetables need to be the star of the show. I cook the vegetables separately, each to a specific texture that we prefer. If you’re going to add meat or eggs also cook them separately to assure that they are fully cooked.

You’ll also notice that I don’t add any salt to this dish. I find that there is plenty of salt in the soy sauce and you don’t want to ever over salt your food.

If you find a small amount of salt is needed at the end feel free. Remember, you can always add salt at the end, but can’t remove it if there is too much.


 1/2 to 4 cups of cold cooked rice

10 mushrooms cleaned and sliced

1 medium zucchini cubed

1/2 large onion chopped

1 cup bok choy cabbage chopped

4 tablespoons oil

3 eggs

2 tablespoons rice vinegar

2 tablespoons soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame oil (or to taste)

Soy sauce, sesame oil, Sriracha, and scallions to garnish.


In a wok or a large frying pan use a teaspoon of oil over medium heat to cook each vegetable to whatever firmness you like. I cook each separately and set them aside.

Use a fork or a whisk to beat the three eggs.  Heat 1 teaspoon of oil in a nonstick pan add the beaten eggs.

Over medium low heat scramble the eggs to a soft scramble. then chop them into small pieces using a soft spatula.

Turn your wok up to high and add the remaining oil.  

When the oil starts to shimmer add the rice and keep stirring scraping The rice off the bottom of the walk to keep it from sticking.  At this point you may need to add a little more oil to lightly coat the rice, but use as little as you can get away with.

After about Five minutes of stirring the rice off the bottom of the pan it will start to brown.

This gives the rice a nutty flavor and a chewy texture that we love.

When the rice is lightly brown and chewy add all of your vegetables, Rice vinegar soy sauce sesame oil and continue to stir reheating the vegetables.

When everything is well combined add egg and stir until all components are hot.  Serve with garnish.

This is enough for two people to have a great meal with good leftovers for the next day

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