Food Memories

by Barb

food memories

I learned about cooking from that

Observations opinions

~ When I was 20 I got a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant run by a wonderful woman in Longmont Colorado. Everyone was really helpful and caring. I was in promoted to the bench position and started doing salads omelettes and prep.  The chef I worked with in the morning was hilarious and was constantly teaching me new things I think her name was Joan

~ I remember one day we were cleaning the grill and stove decreasing the Hood and I said to her “Don’t you just hate cleaning” her answer surprised me, She said “I think of it as saying thank you to the kitchen“.

~ “Grill grunt” is a term that I still use we just loved the little bits of super crispy potatoes on the side of the grill

~ Ross and I refer to anything left in the side of the pan that’s super crispy as grill grunt 

~ One day I was prepping onions.  Joan came up to me and said “you know if you don’t curl your fingers back away from that knife you’ll get cut and will end up wasting a bunch of onions”

~ “If you want to look like a professional cook set a timer”

~ “In a good restaurant you get your eggs the way you like them.

~ In a bad restaurant you get your eggs the way to cook likes them”